Co-Curricular Activities

Co-Curricular & Extra Curricular Activities

School Band

Our school is proud to have our own school band “Euphoria”. Under the able guidence of Sr.Carmali Thaniath.


At St.Francis we begin our day by invoking god's blessing students are trained by the music teachers students from 3 to 10 classes can join this group.


Students learn different styles of dance our students have participated in various dance competition and have backed many prizes.


In today's challenging world to develop self - confidence and self - defence our primary class girls are trained in Karate.

Club Activities

Based on the interest of the students. Students from 6-10 are allowed to join in Clubs. We have the following clubs:-

Science Club

Given the opportunity to conduct experiments and on their Scientific Knowledge students take active part in experiments, competitions and scientific inventions.

Maths Club

Encourages positive attitude towards mathematics.

G.K Club

Enhances the knowledge of students. Every year our school conducts G.K quiz to test the knowledge of students.

NGC Club

National green crops arms to fulfill the mission to make India clean and green. As part of this club students maintain cleanliness around the school camps.

Consumer Club

Orients the students to consume products and service with an ethical and environmental conscience.

NSS Unit

The NSS Association is meant to do Social work within and outside the School.
This club aims at developing in the students a keen sense of person worth, dignity and efficiency the desire for self improvement and social service in a co-operative community.

The General Knowledge Club

It prepares students to participate in General Knowledge Quiz Competitions conducted on Inter- House and Inter- School basis and creates interest in them in current events, National and International.

Art and Craft Club

This club nurtures the creativity of the students and develops their aesthetic skills.

The Y.S.M. (Young Students Movement)

It trains the students in leadership and gives them moral training.

Computer Education

The well equipped laboratories put the trainees in close touch with computers. The learning of computer is made necessary for student s and is incorporated into the curriculum.
Computer examination is compulsory for all and the evaluation is taken note of for the purpose of grades.

NCC (National Cadet Corps)

Students who are willing may join this movement from class VIII. It instills discipline values and nurture patriotism.

NIE: Newspaper in Education

Promote learning through fun and learning for life.
Use of Times of India/ Hindu Newspapers for developing language skills, weekly workshops by consultants for literary/ cultural growth.

NGC: National Green Crop

To create an awareness for a cleaner and greener societies. Talks, plays, seminars, visits and activities to promote environmental protection and preservation.


Named after St. Bartholomea, it aims at inculcating moral and spiritual values to the young girls and inspiring them to model their life after St. Bartholomea.