To Parents And Guardians

Rules Of Conduct And Discipline

No school however good and no teacher however well meaning can hope to achieve anything without the backing and co-operation of a good home.
1.The parents and guardians are earnestly requested :
  a. To take an active interest in their children’s progress in studies throughout the school year, and not just before the final examination.
They should sign the children’s progress report and initial other remarks in their school
calendar as an indication that they have read them carefully and will attend to weakness if any, without delay.
  b. To see that their children devote sufficient time to study at home every day and complete the H.W and projects assigned to them regularly.
  c. They should see that their children attend school punctually and regularly. Kindly pickup your child at the right time in the evening to avoid inconvenience and the child security. Students should not absent themselves for any tests or exams as these tests are not repeated. Prior permission is to be obtained from the principal for taking leave. If for valid reasons prior permission could not be got, when the students report to school one of the parents should accompany the child and explain the reason to the principal.
2. The name of the student who absents herself without leave will be retained on the roll for a month from the date of absence after which her name will be struck of the roll.
3. They should cooperate with the school authorities in encouraging their children to take part in various school and Inter school activities.
4. Parents and Guardians should see that their children do not have money or valuable articles with them.
5. A student suffering from a contagious or an infectious disease will not be allowed to attend the class. After recovery the student must provide the doctors certificate to join the class.
6. Any communication (request or complaint) made by parents or guardians should be addressed to the Head Mistress and not to the teachers. Permission is also required from the Head Mistress to meet the teachers.
7. The engagement of private tutors whether of the school staff or not, is not recommended as it may prove injurious to the real progress of the student. It should not be done expect in consultation with the Head Mistress. If tuition is really necessary it should be given from the beginning of the year and not just before the exam.
8. A student who breaks school rules or commits any act of indiscipline, may be punished at the discretion of the H.M. A student may be sent home during class hours for failure to comply with the school regulations.
9. Parents and guardians are welcome to consult the H.M and teachers regarding their child wherever necessary. Line removed Other than visiting hours parents can meet the H.M by prior appointment. Teacher should be see with the prior permission of the H.M, not during the class hours but before after class hours. Hence as far as possible appointments with teachers should be arranged beforehand.. Young boys, brothers, uncles etc, are not allowed to go to the class rooms.
10. KYC/SMS service is launched for quick communication Parents or Guardians are not allowed to meet their children during class hours. Permission is to be obtained from the H.M in unavoidable cases.
11. Only Parents / Guardians are permitted to represent their problems individually to the H.M. They can contact the S.M.C Representative of the class